21st May 2024 – The Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Yesterday was a special day, we had the pleasure of attending the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, a day we will never forget. It was lovely talking to the prince of Wales and meeting the other royals. We spent quite a bit time talking about all our charity work with Zara Tindall. We are privileged and honoured to have been invited. 💛

Ladies Hostel Makeover

Some weeks ago we met with the team from the Ladies Hostel. They asked if we could provide their clients with a room that’s warm, calming and welcoming. This room is the first place the ladies are bought to when arriving at the hostel after trauma or homelessness they have faced in their lives. This room is where therapy takes place to help them with their recovery and future journey. We gave this a lot of thought and spent the last 3 days creating the following space. We are pleased to say it made the client accommodated at the hostels smile and the staff emotional. We hope we have given them the vision they wanted. The team at the hostel have already named the room as The Sunshine Room.

We would like to thank The Otley Lions for part funding the project.

We would like to thank Cummins for providing volunteers to help with preparation and painting the room on Friday.

Thank you to MS Haulage for donating the sofa.

Again a humbled thanks to Team Hampers and our volunteers for making all this possible, we are fortunate that we have all the skill’s amongst the team and there was no paid labour, not only that after 3 days of hard work, they still turned up last night to support our homeless community, we are just so proud of you all. 💛

Francis Street Garden

We were asked to take on a makeover project, for a ladies homeless hostel and revamp their garden and shed. The resident ladies put forward their ideas and their vision of what they wanted.

Our new trustee, Harriet, took on the challenge of managing the project and making this happen. She actually built the planters for the project herself and then co-ordinated a team of volunteers.

In 2 days we managed to achieve this, a completely humbling experience for us all. Today, the manager of the hostel called us to thank us and to give us feedback from the ladies. Each and everyone is excited and one even commented that we had given her a space where she can take herself away from her current life to a place she can be happy. Just to hear this, we know we achieved what we set out to do, which was to give the ladies a haven, a happy place.

Can we just mention that, due to safeguarding, we never mention the location of the hostels we support.

Can we say a special thank you to:

Leeds Wood Recycling for providing and preparing the wood we used for this project.

Seagulls paint for the huge discount on the paint.

Homebase Moortown for donating the soil and

plants, we look forward to the garden bloom.

Once again, thanks to everyone that volunteered and contributed their valuable time, this includes our hands on trustees Sally, Christine, Ian and Harriet.

Team Hampers 💛