Our Mission

To support the homeless and those living in poverty in the Yorkshire region, through the provision of essential supplies, direction and advice.

Who we are

Homeless Hampers was established in November 2015. Our aim was to collect and distribute ‘hampers’ to the homeless for Christmas, containing essentials such as toiletries and chocolate.

The first outreach involved one flask of coffee and 5 volunteers handing out hampers. The community supporting us had donated 150 hampers that first Christmas.

Since then, Homeless Hampers has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of Tina and Aky Suryavanasi, now undertaking weekly outreaches in Leeds, with c. 18 volunteers per week distributing in excess of 150 meals, 25 litres of hot drinks and an assortment of essentials such as toiletries, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags as well as providing food to Bradford shelters 4 days a week.

Homeless Hampers can only make a difference with the amazing support and dedication from the wide volunteer base and donations from the local community and our distributions partners, including Greggs, Co-Op, Aldi, Waitrose and Tesco.

Our vision

To reach a time when early intervention and timely, relevant support services are available to ensure everyone has a feeling of self-worth and value, with the confidence to realise their potential and to achieve their dreams and goals.

Our aims
  • Access available services to develop skills and knowledge of our service users that they have not had the opportunity to engage in.
  • Help our service users to get their lives back on track by accessing information in relation to their social and housing needs.
  • Provide on-going support and advice in life skills and training programmes available to them.
  • Actively encourage and help source support for alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Intervene earlier in the lives of young adults at risk of homelessness or newly homeless people to offer support and resources available to them.
  • Encourage and empower our services users in order to improve their self-confidence, giving them a focus for the future.
  • Access a safe and welcoming location, a place where people feel they belong. Regardless of background, everyone is treated as an equal and given equal opportunities.
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