Burley & Chapel Allerton Fundraisers

Our team in Leeds arranged an amazing fundraiser and our team in Burley organised their second fundraiser in a matter of 2 weeks to fund the Christmas Shoe boxes – they sold books, DVD’s and jewellery.

On top of the 2 fundraisers yesterday, the Woods in Chapel Allerton collected fruit and vegetables donations to make delicious smoothies for their customers to purchase and the funds raised will be donated to Homeless Hampers.

You are all amazing and selfless souls – Thank you!

We couldn’t help put keep an eye on our referrals and emails and we are returning to requests for items required for 12 newly housed individuals and a number new requests for food parcels support, some requests have been a bit saddening to read.

We also took a request on Friday to place a vulnerable lady in a B&B for 2 nights to give her some respite off the streets, which we accommodated.

Regardless of where we are what we are doing our support to help people in need continues.

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who had a go at trying for a Golden Ticket at this years Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. You helped Homeless Hampers to raise a wonderful £487.95!

We couldn’t have done this without the generous support of the following Leeds based restaurants and takeaways;

Paul & Richard at The Woods

Neil at The Mustard Pot

Cameron, Jamie & Nicko at Dijon Boys

Ben at Black Sheep

Tony at Deliziosa

Gabi at Rudy’s Pizza

Ben & Alice at Beck & Call

Greg at Sukhothai

Simon at Pinche Pinche

Rav at Sheepscar Bar & Grill

Giuseppe at Panzerotto


They all kindly donated either set meals or a meal for two!

Leeds Half Marathon – 8th May 2022

Well what a journey I have been on for the last 8 days… Who would have thought I would have completed The Yorkshire 3 peaks, then we would go on to win the Yorkshire Choice Award for Volunteers of the Year 2022 and to top it off, complete the Leeds Half Marathon today.

I am the luckiest lady in the world that has an amazing husband who always stands by me and to top this I have 2 amazing children.

Many may know life hasn’t been easy for us but we’re strong together and always will be.

Equally I would love to thank our Homeless Hampers family! You’re all amazing and we are privileged to have you all as part of our lives 💛

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – 30th April 2022

Wow we said we would complete today within 12 hours!! We came in just under and we took a 45 minute lunch break.

This was the hardest task we have under taken and for most of us, the first time we have ever walked climbed a mountain let alone 3 in one day!!!

We are all a bit sore and exhausted but tomorrow we will back out supporting our homeless friends as today was all about them.

The next part of this challenge is me running the Leeds 1/2 marathon next Sunday all in aid of our homeless friends.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that donated to Homeless Hampers we are humbled and grateful.

Just a special thank you to our support team that made sure we were fed and watered and gave us words of encouragement to keep us going.

Thank you Emma Sarah, Daisy, Tjask Christine, Karen Akash and Amreet.

Just an amazing Team Hampers 💛