2020 Update

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(Last updated – 7th September 2020)

Homeless Hampers have been busier than ever since Christmas feeding the homeless on the streets. 

With COVID-19 having a huge impact on the world, we were, and, still are, limited with the amount of volunteers we can have on the ground at any one time. Coupled with business closures and the high street being virtually shut down, tougher times were incoming.

However, we are supported by some amazing individuals, groups and businesses who did not forget about the wonderful people that we help.

As lockdown came, TK Maxx donated a hugely substantial amount of food, clothing and useful goods, which helped carry us through the biggest part of the lockdown.

Some of the TK Maxx team, who provided us with a hugely generous donation of food, clothing & other goods

During this period, most of the homeless were placed in shelters or hotels, this puts a massive strain on the resources of the shelters involved.   As our outreach activities had to be suspended, we switched our operations to support the Leeds shelters and the St Anne’s Breakfast club, which provided food and services to the homeless during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Each day, one of our teams were busy collecting Charity food, mostly from our generous supporters on the high street, including Supermarkets such as the Co-Op, Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose.  A different team operated each night, with Tina heavily involved in the bulk of the work and organising.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank two Homeless Hampers Heroes, Mike and Dom, who raised funds by completing the Three Peaks, raising money for us – keep an eye out on the website for a report on their Three Peaks adventure 🗻🗻🗻

  We are also incredibly grateful to some of our corporate benefactors, who provided considerable financial donations; Direct Line, Waitrose, and Greggs.  

A special mention goes to The Northern Collective for their “Music for Meals” Extravaganza, which raised a spectacular amount for Homeless Hampers and Sikh Sport UK, by organising and carrying out a 12 hour live, online stream showcase of DJ’s and entertainers from across the North of England 🎶🔊🎵

Northern Collective’s poster ad. for their fantastic 12 hour event that took place in June 2020

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, our outreach recommenced on the 16th of August 2020.  This was limited to four volunteers, all wearing protective masks, visors and gloves.    We were also limited to mainly food items, due to the size of our contingent and the ability to carry everything in our bags and trolleys.

Surprisingly, we gave out 45 hot meals and snack packs, made up by Aky. We also gave out what little clothing and sleeping bags we had.

Since then, the numbers on the streets have increased, the last outreach on Sunday 30th of August saw us give out 60 hot meals and lots of clothing and blankets, I am glad to say the cake and custard is back on the menu 🤩

Some of our other activities have included supporting individuals in the process of getting off the streets and staying off. Besides food parcels, we have been buying furniture, as well as collecting furniture, from donors, in order to pass it on to the recently housed homeless, who may have nothing but a bed and the four walls around them.

We gave a bike donated by one of our supporters to a young homeless man called George.   He was so grateful as he can now ride his bike to access services where before he had to walk for miles.  This continued support of individuals that we help off the streets has also resulted in a young man called Robert being successful in obtaining a job. This is a major step to help Robert to stay off the streets permanently. 

One of our outreach teams beginning an evenings volunteering

Thank you one and all for your support.   Due to the continued restrictions from COVID-19, we cannot permit further volunteers to help with our outreach, as groups are still limited to 4 or 5 people (Guidance from Leeds Homeless Charter). 

As always, we still welcome all donations of clothing, food, blankets and of course, any financial donations are always welcomed with open arms 🎁